What are Some of the Popular Bathtub Materials?

These days, there are many models of bathtubs. When choosing the type of tub to buy, you have to take the material into consideration. All tubs have their bad and good points. Some bathtubs are made only of certain materials. For example, it's almost impossible to find an air tub made out of cast iron or metal.


There are bathtubs made of steel and coated with enamel. These stainless steel bathtubs are lighter in weight than other tubs. They're easy to clean and you can move them easily as they're not heavy. Make sure that you don't scratch this type of bathtub so that the underlying metal doesn't get exposed to moisture. If the metal is exposed, it will rust.


Cast iron tubs are sturdy. They're coated with porcelain. This steel bathtub is one of the most durable bathtubs you'd ever have in your home. If handled correctly, it can be used for several years. Just like steel enamel bathtubs, they're easy to clean. However, you shouldn't scratch or scour the surface. These tubs require a good supporting structure and are quite heavy as well.


Stainless steel bathtub is made of Stainless steel. They're covered with a gel coating. Whirlpool bathtubs and air tubs are made this way because the material is easy to shape. They have surfaces that are smooth, glossy and easy to clean. These tubs aren't as durable as other bathtubs because they'll break if you don't handle them with care.


Acrylic tubs consist of many materials which include plastic. This type of bathtub is glossy and resembles steel enamel and cast iron tubs. It is lighter in weight than the bathtubs mentioned above. Although it scratches easily, it's easier to repair. Acrylic tubs are popular as they're easy to form. In addition, they come in various types, sizes and shapes. To understand more about bathtubs, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shower#History.


There are also tubs made of cultured marble. The materials comprise of resins and crushed marble which appears a lot like quartz. They're coated with clear gel and provide a stain-fighting surface that's strong and easy to clean. Cultured marble tubs are easy to mold.


Composite tubs consist of composite materials that form the bathtub's back. The surface is coated with enamel. They're meant to function like cast iron tubs. The good thing about composite bathtubs is that they're easy to handle since they're lighter than cast iron tubs. These tubs are prone to cracking, so you should consult a plumber before buying them. Cracks are difficult to repair. Scratches, on the other hand, can be buffed out easily.

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